I thought I had it all figured out, I did. I thought I was smart enough to figure it out. Instead, Marvel went and threw a little rouge on us, and I don’t know what’s yet to come. Seriously, I’m lost this season. Think about it: Every time we get a hold on something, a tweak or a change is thrown our way, making everything a possibility.

I don’t know what to think. When we first learned we would be getting Ghost Rider, no one expected it to be Robbie until they announced the casting. Then, we figured he’d be the bad guy to a point, because in the comics, he’s possessed by the spirit of Eli, a serial killer. Surprise! Instead, Robbie is possessed by a Spirit - possibly a Spirit of Vengeance - but not Eli! Because Eli is chillin’ in Southridge Penitentiary and isn’t such a bad dude. He’s actually in jail for putting a beat down on a guy who probably deserved it.

Coming in to this week, I thought Robbie was possessed by Eli, who would be revealed as one of many Spirits of Vengeance, which would leave the door open for a Johnny Blaze or Ketch appearance. But then they went and faced Robbie against Hellfire and Robbie wrangled him with a fucking flaming chain.

So I don’t know. I want to say that this spirit is a Spirit of Vengeance, related somehow to Blaze and Ketch, and is not the same Spirit. But after this week, I don’t know what to think any more. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!

But believe you me, I am not complaining. Usually, before watching something, I read as much as I can about it for context and spoilers, so I can look for the smaller, more obscure things. But right now, Marvel is keeping me on my toes, and it’s tough to keep up. I like it.

So here is what we know: Robbie sold his soul to the devil. It’s debatable as to which devil he is talking about. I don’t think it’s Mephisto, the one that gave Blaze his Spirit of Vengeance, or Dormammu, a guy who is heavy in the Dr. Strange mythology. Right now my money is on Chthon, the Elder God of Darkness and Chaos, who happened to write the Darkhold, which is now being hunted by Lucille Ghost and SHIELD alike. But, Dr. Strange does come out in like three weeks, so dropping Dormammu could be the next Inhuman reference, a few years before their maybe eventual movie. Maybe Dormammu is revealed now and ends up being the big bad guy for 2 Dr. 2 Strange in Phase 4.


However, If they stick with Chthon and his connection to the Darkhold, I still maintain that Robbie’s Spirit came from Chthon, and that its selfish goal is to kill those that would abuse the Darkhold. Remember: Mephisto gave Blaze his Spirit of Vengeance for selfish reasons. Here, Robbie’s Spirit is hunting, but his unique Vengeance power isn’t the Penance Stare, but rather he can tell if someone deserves to die or not. Look at what he said to Budget Wolverine: “Time to pay for your sins.” Compare that to what he’s been saying all season long so far. Quake doesn’t deserve to die. That’s his power. Now it’s all up to Robbie to get more control while the Spirit is driving.

But seriously, I can’t tell right now. I’ll figure it out by next week, though.

I think.

1. I literally squealed when Coulson introduced himself to Eli Morrow and actually spelled out the true name of SHIELD. They’re making a comeback! Hopefully SHIELD gets a bigger presence in the movies going forward (hell, I’m cool with it being after Phase 3 if that’s what it takes.)


2. May knows. May has to know that AIDA isn’t human. She’s just playing it cool, May style, until the time is right. When she asked AIDA how she knew Chinese, AIDA said that most of her was Chinese, right before Fitz jumped in and saved her life. Then, at the end, when Coulson remarked about her hands and she said Dr. Potter gave her them and that she had been born like that, Coulson might have missed it, but May sure didn’t.

She’s going to give Fitz a DiNozo slap very soon. You watch. May’s reaction when she heard that she was killed? YOU DID WHAT? Yeah, Imagine how she’ll feel about AIDA. She barely trusts Coulson and they’ve been working together for decades. This android is going to have some problems. Hell, Simmons figured it out right away, too. Too bad she has a lie detector test TOMORROW to cram for. Simmons made it in Hydra. I think she’ll do fine against the Director’s tests.

3. I’ve always talked about how some of the best team-ups in this show included Coulson and Mack or Hunter and (anyone) and Fitz and Mack. But we got to see a team up that doesn’t happen too often in this show, but that highlighted how deep this show’s bench really is. Quake and Simmons trying to solve the problem with the Trump Supporters getting inside info from SHIELD was absolutely great. Simmons held her own not only against Budget Wolverine and those Yuge Cheetos, but with Quake as well. Quake walked away from Mack and Fitz with no problem. Simmons? NO. You pulled a gun on me. THIS IS MY TEAM NOW, KEMOSABE.


We also got confirmation that Quake still had the gauntlets that Simmons made for her, but that she just wasn’t using them because they stick out like broken sore thumbs. That just shows how much Quake is really trying to punish herself for whatever it is she thinks she is responsible for. Hopefully now that she’s technically back with the team (no matter how awkward it is right now), she’ll realize that she doesn’t deserve what she’s dishing out for herself. I have a feeling she’ll start to wear her gauntlets more, and that will be a signal that she’s coming back around.

4. I’ve always said it and I’ll keep saying it: This show does not beat around the bush. This is the fourth episode, and Ghost Rider is already on SHIELD’s side. Coulson and the team know he can be trusted, and Quake is back on the Zephyr. This season is smokin’. Hell, the teaser for next week has the Darkhold found, and literally no one else could find it before that. Not Whitehall. Not Red Skull. Not Nick Fury. I have a feeling after the election we’ll know exactly how Robbie got that burning infection.

It was cool seeing Coulson trust Robbie because Quake did. Mack wasn’t having it, but he’ll come around. He may be tough, but he’s been through a lot of trust issues, so give him time.


5. Coulson pulled a Star Trek IV to catch Robbie, and I fucking loved it. You know what else I loved? That quip when Robbie got knocked out, and Coulson said “I get to keep it now, isn’t that how this works?” GREASE BABY. I felt something like that coming as soon as they pulled into the Wash.

Well, that or a naked terminator, and judging by how this season has been going and the later time slot, it was really a 50/50 shot.

I’m sad, though, that Lola’s wings are momentarily clipped. I hope they didn’t pull that excuse (Mack still hasn’t fixed Lola’s flight capabilities) as a way to save money for more Ghost Rider visuals.



I guess it might be worth it. For now.

Also: Mack’s reaction to Robbie’s car not getting damaged was awesome. And so was Robbie’s.


6. I don’t know what it is, but Budget Wolverine always brings the heat (pun intended) when it comes to the jokes or action. He just played the most lit game of Boccie Ball ever.

But what the fuck, dude. Hive’s persuasion on him was so deep, he went from wanting his whole life to be given powers to wanting to exterminate all Inhumans, himself included. That’s a Ward-style 180, hoss. It’s funny, though, how the Trump Supporters’ hypocrisy was at play here, too: They want to exterminate the Inhumans, but are willing to work with one to achieve their goals. Art imitates life, or something.

7. That Shotgun Axe is damn sexy in the low light. Mercy.

8. Vote. Seriously. I just got my Absentee ballot in the mail today, and will be mailing it back tomorrow. I’ve only been able to vote since the 2004 general election (age, not felonies. Calm down...) and am proud to do it every time. I know a lot of you might not be from or in the United States, but don’t think I’m not talking to you right now, either. Voting is one of the most patriotic things you can do for whatever country you call home. I don’t care who you vote for (but seriously), so long as you do. Not enough people vote, and until the Country catches up with the best State (California) and implements automatic registration for all eligible people, we’re still going to have to kick each other in the ass to get up and make your voice heard.


This shit is important. Whether you vote for Hillary.exe or Montezuma’s Cheeto or Brexit or if you were one of the 102% of people who unanimously voted for Kim Jong Un, you are helping change the world.

9. Lines of the night: Coulson and May: “Dying takes a lot out of you.” “I heard. We should start a club. Get some t-shirts.” Who is going to be the first to sell these shirts? I’d buy three.

10. The election in the US is on November 8, 2016 - the Second Tuesday of November. There are no more debates, and Dr. Strange comes out on November 4 (in the US at least.) There is going to be a gap between the movie and the fallout on Agents of SHIELD, but we’ll at least know Ghost Rider’s origin and more details about the Darkhold and other dimensions before Dr. Strange figures it all out. This season is moving quick. Hold on to your britches.